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New exhibitor at the fair. NovoNord.


NovoNord Ltd. was founded in 1995.
From the beginning of our activity we have been selling, assembling and servicing car washes and self-service devices. At that time, we installed several hundred automatic and self-service car washes and several thousand self-service devices such as vacuum cleaners, compressors, bicycle repair stations, mat beaters and others.

Our clients are: numerous individual customers, owners of car showrooms, vehicle washing centers, government and local institutions, police, army, border guards, hospitals, owners of private petrol stations, franchise and company fuel stations of PKN ORLEN, LOTOS, SHELL, CIRCLE K, LUKOIL, BP, hypermarkets like TESCO, AUCHAN, INTERMARCHE and many others.

During our activity, we designed and built several petrol stations and carried out renovations and modernizations of dozens of other facilities.

In 2002, we launched the production of our own self-service devices series "NovoLine", including: self-service car washes, vacuum cleaners, compressors, bicycle repair stations etc. Specially for this production we established a company called "TECHNICON".
"NovoLine" devices were created on the basis of our company's many years of experience in servicing self-service devices and using proven technologies whose reliability in operation was confirmed by many months of tests. The "NovoLine" devices are characterized by aesthetic appearance - the covers are made from stainless steel, simplicity and reliability in operation, are designed to work in our climatic conditions, so can be installed outdoors and does not require roofing.

We provide warranty and post-warranty service as well and we offer spare parts in the full range of assortment.

Our employees are characterized by the highest qualifications, extensive experience and knowledge of technical aspects of offered units.

Source: https://novonord.com/ 


  • Halina-Pupacz-Prezes-Polska-Izba-Paliw-President-Polish-Chamber-of-Liquid-Fuels

    Świat szybko się zmienia, a wymagania klientów stale rosną. Dlatego innowacje, czysta energia, nowoczesne technologie są tym, czego polski przedsiębiorca dzisiaj potrzebuje, aby sprostać konkurencji. Organizowane przez Polską Izbę Paliw Płynnych Międzynarodowe Targi STACJA PALIW są okazją do zebrania najlepszych praktyk, omówienia bieżących problemów sektora paliw i energii, określenia priorytetowych zadań i znalezienia skutecznych sposobów ich realizacji. Dziękując za dotychczasową współpracę,  serdecznie zapraszam na 27. edycję Targów, która odbędzie się w dniach 13-15 maja 2020 r. w Warszawskim Centrum EXPO XXI.

     Halina Pupacz

    Prezes Polskiej Izby Paliw Płynnych

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