XXVI Międzynarodowe

Start: 15.05.2019 10:00
Koniec: 17.05.2019 14:00

Venue Address:
Ignacego Prądzyńskiego 12/14

01-222 Warszawa

Polish Chamber of Liquid Fuels:
ul. Słomińskiego 19 lok. 521,
00-195 Warszawa
tel. +48 22 637 50 77
Email: targi(at)paliwa.pl
Department of Trade Fair:

Adrian Ćwikliński
tel. +48 22 637 50 77 wew. 119
kom: +48 731 838 351

Bożena Runowska
tel. +48 22 637 50 77 wew. 105
kom: +48 720 832 004

Konkurs "Produkt Roku" 2019
Katarzyna Tomczak
tel. +48 22 637 50 77 wew. 117
kom: +48 504 144 155



ORLEN Centrum Serwisowe companies in the field of sales, service and repair of petrol station equipment.

ORLEN Centrum Serwisowe is new exibitior on XXV International Fair PETROL STATION 2018

ORLEN Centrum Serwisowe sp. z o.o. is one of the oldest companies in the field of sales, service and repair of petrol station equipment. 

At present, ORLEN Centrum Serwisowe is the biggest service company in Poland. The company has a broad experience in servicing older generation devices as well as in implementing cutting-edge technologies.

Technical support is provided by Research and Development Department, whose task is to follow technological advances and to assess them in respect to plausible solutions for petrol stations. Next task on the R&D's agenda is testing particular solutions in OCS laboratory and their subsequent implementation at the stations. 

The company owns a warehouse covering 1200m2, which is a link in the supply chain providing goods to customers all over the country.

ORLEN Centrum Serwisowe provides services for Polski Koncern Naftowy ORLEN S.A. as well as individual enterprises from the whole country. A wide range of products and services as well as available resources allow big scale operation.

ORLEN Centrum Serwisowe has a strong foothold in the market. For many years, the major strength of the Company has been reliability and specialist qualifications of the employees. We are a dependable partner to offer top quality, reliable, state-of-the-art equipment admitted to Polish market and in accordance with all the requirements (GUM, PROCHEM admissions) and our maintenance services meet the highest standards. 


Source: ORLEN Centrum Serwisowe www.orlencs.pl/EN