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Visit Total's stand during STACJA PALIW 2018 exhibition

New Total card Polska

For the global energy concern TOTAL, 2017 was marked by emphasizing of its presence on Polish retail fuel market. In line with the development strategy, further refueling points appeared in central and southern Poland. Today Total stations are present in 7 voivodeships and now will be more visible in eastern part of the country. The Total trademarks are premium fuels – Total Excellium 98 and Total Excellium Diesel – produced at German refinery in Schwedt on Oder river and Pause Café with its exquisite coffee.


Total offer is a perfect solution not only for private drivers but also for small and medium size businesses, thanks to Total Card Polska fuel card premiered in 2017. To benefit from the proposition, based on Eurotrafic model, it takes only to be an entrepreneur and to have a demand exceeding 200 litres of fuel monthly. The fleet owner will be invoiced only once in an agreed period. Total Card Polska can be personalized for the driver or for the car. The card is equipped with chip and authorised by PIN, hence it guarantees safety of transaction while provides its owner with online history. And the more fuel is bought, the progressively better rebates are available. The Total Card Polska cashless payments are welcome at 13 thousands acceptance points across the Europe, services and even highways in selected countries.

In 2017 the Total Club started – simple yet effective loyalty program for the customers. Total Club members can choose between the mobile app (iOS or Android) and regular plastic card. For each 5 litres of any fuel, product from Pause Café or Total/Elf product, the user will be awarded with a “virtual badge”. It takes only 5 “badges” to get first reward so forget about earning points for months. 

Source: opracowanie tekstu agencja Proautomotive/Total Polska.


  • Halina-Pupacz-Prezes-Polska-Izba-Paliw-President-Polish-Chamber-of-Liquid-Fuels

    Świat szybko się zmienia, a wymagania klientów stale rosną. Dlatego innowacje, czysta energia, nowoczesne technologie są tym, czego polski przedsiębiorca dzisiaj potrzebuje, aby sprostać konkurencji. Organizowane przez Polską Izbę Paliw Płynnych Międzynarodowe Targi STACJA PALIW są okazją do zebrania najlepszych praktyk, omówienia bieżących problemów sektora paliw i energii, określenia priorytetowych zadań i znalezienia skutecznych sposobów ich realizacji. Dziękując za dotychczasową współpracę,  serdecznie zapraszam na 27. edycję Targów, która odbędzie się w dniach 13-15 maja 2020 r. w Warszawskim Centrum EXPO XXI.

     Halina Pupacz

    Prezes Polskiej Izby Paliw Płynnych

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