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The 24nd International Trade Fair Petrol Station 2017, Warsaw - final report



Same as every year, the 24th International Fairs PETROL STATION, held on 17-19 May 2017 in Warsaw, ul. Prądzyńskiego 12/14, EXPO XXI, organised by the Polish Chamber of Liquid Fuels, provided an inspiration for the oil sector activities both to private entrepreneurs and – by making the society familiar with the oil sector issues, also to decision making authorities and state adminitration.

Halina Pupacz, the Chairperson of the Polish Chamber of Liquid Fuels, who opened the Fairs, pointed out the high profile of this periodic event and its importance for the Polish economy, and described the current status of the fuels industry. The Minister of Energy, Krzysztof Tchórzewski, was our honourable guest. He gave his credit to the operations and achievements of the PCLF and stressed the importance of electric vehicle network for the transport. He reminded that Poland wants to be the leader of this sector and announced the construction of a network of fast electric vehicle charging stations.

Minister Tchórzewski visited many stands, among them the stand of Generacja M, the distributor of Garo charging stations (a product awarded in the PRODUCT OF THE YEAR competition, hereinafter: the PRXXIVMTSP – see pages 5-6). Visitors could become familiar with a wide range of EV thanks to TMT Poland (it is worth mentioning that the sports BMW i8 presented on their stand was purchased by a lucky buyer already during the Fairs). “Electric vehicle network – a new challenge for fuel stations” is, on the other hand, a subject matter discussed during the ENTREPRENEUR ACADEMY by Ekoenergetyka Polska. Current challenges faced by the fuel market were discussed during meetings and talks during a range of accompanying events, e.g. the national Discussion Forum “Liquid Fuels Market 2017. Selected Issues”, specialised meetings and in the Consulting and B2B zones.

During the opening of the Fairs, the development of the national networks of fuel stations was discussed by Magdalena Myszczyszyn, the director of fuels stations and wholesale at TOTAL Polska and Filip Puchalski, Operating Director at MOYA – the most dynamic network of independent stations with its stand welcoming visitors next to the Fairs entrance.

What could be seen and found at the Fairs? First of all, an extensive business offer was presented. PKN Orlen’s stand enjoyed the interest of customers who wanted to commence franchise cooperation (see: a report from the SSF meeting, p...). Another similarly large group was made of those who looked for fuels for their stations (the B2B offer). ORLEN Paliwa (Fuels) prepared an extensive offer for them. Stop Cafe 2.0. stand was particularly exposed and popular during this years’ fairs. The Fairs were visited by e.g. Zbigniew Leszczyński, a member of the management board for the sales at PKN Orlen and by Jarosław Tyc, the president of ORLEN Paliwa.

At the stand of BP Europa SE, presenting, e.g.  a BP+Aral fuel card, the advantages of the franchise could be discussed with Piotr Pyrich, the CEO of the Polish branch of the company,and the Chairman of the Directors Concil of POPiHN. The stands belonging to independent fuel importers were also worth visiting, e.g. the stands of Onico or Solumus. The importance of fuels in motor sports was described by  Klaudia Podkalicka from Team TOTAL and Michał Kościuszko, a famous race driver.

The problems of cyber security, not only in the fuel sector, could be discussed with the following companies: Hectronic (self-service fuel terminals), Orlen Service Centre (the audience award at PRXXIVMTSP) and SixPayments (cashless payments).   If interested in IT systems, visitors could also see the offer presented by American firms (OPW, General Motors – GIA), Japanese firms (Tatsuno – a Polish distributor of Petroster - The award of the “Liquid Fuels” magazine and the award of the Council of the Polish Chamber of Liquid Fuels during  the PRXXIVMTSP). The stand of Unicode Systems was honoured by the visit of Jakub Karfík, the Ambassador of the Czech Republic, who stressed the potential of the Polish market and said that he hopes for the development of the Czech and Polish commercial relations, not only in the oil market, but also in related technologies. Management systems were also presented by: Chinese Brimo, Ukrainian ND Group, German SMF, Italian NUPI Industrie Italiane S.p.A. The presence of Turkish companies was strongly represented for example by ASIS (automatic solutions for fuel stations) and Mepsan (fuel dispensers).

Also, a range of non-fuel services were presented to a large extent. The most popular catering services [or, actually HoReCa services] were the stands of international giants: Burger King and Subway, and the Polish KOŚCIUSZKO Group, known not only of Polish dumplings at Lotos Group stations, but first of all the extravagant owner, Jan Kościuszko – an expert and promoter of Polish cuisine, a writer, author of essays, scenographer, philanthropist; and AMBIT, a company offering a complex catering concept of Italian cuisine Bruschetta Mia. A distinction at  PRXXIVMTSP was received by ELTA Polska for pastrami sandwich. Coffee was greatly appreciated, available at Costa Coffee stand and from multi-media vending machines by Franke.

Outside, in front of EXPO XXI exhibition hall, not only potential investors dominated but also all drivers could become familiar with the novelties in the car-wash sector in the CAR WASH SECTION or with transport issues in the TANKERS ZONE.But next to tankers (e.g. Kassbohrer, Stokota, Willig) installed on trailers of Iveco and Man it was worth to pay attention, in the light of recent legislative amendments, also to products such as e.g. the tool for complex inspection of tankers, dedicated to the fuel transport sector by ATROM.

As usual, the media were highly efficient reporting not only the Fairs but also describing the innovative products and services presented there. Particularly popular was the stand of PIMOT mobile laboratory, where it was possible to check the quality of fuel in a car, quickly and on the spot; The thermolisys and hydration system waste polyolefins, awarded in Spain, China and Russia, the Polish technology of processing plastic waste into engine fuel (petrol and diesel), developed by a Silesian company Technologie Recyklingu Adam Hańderek in cooperation with PIMOT and the Industrial Chemistry Institute; as well as Tankuj24 – a mobile app by UNIMOT SA for the purchase of fuels. The last product is not only the offer for all individual drivers, but first of all, an important element of the strategy of introducing AVIA brand to the Polish market - a network of independent fuel stations.

An extensive photo report from three days of fairs is available at

On behalf of the Polish Chamber of Liquid, acting as the exclusive organiser, we would like to invite you already to the 25th anniversary International Fair FUEL STATION 2018.




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