Petrol Station 2014

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The 21st International Trade Fair PETROL STATION 2014 - final report

Gathering of the most influential and biggest parties on fuel, petrol station and car-washes markets has come to an end and once again was a big success for promoting the best practices and products.

Warsaw, 20 May 2014. Number of visitors and exhibitors and the most importantly, level of involvement, underpinned the position of the Petrol Station International Trade Fair as the leading trade show in Poland. Edition in 2014, as former ones, showed current good condition of fuel and related branches that mustered in Warsaw to exchange experience and to collaborate together for further development.

The ribbon cutting ceremony was hosted by Halina Pupacz - President of Polish Chamber of Liquid Fuels (PIPP), Waldemar Pawlak - member of the Polish parliament and a former Prime Minister, Rafał Pietrasina - President of Anwim SA, Jacek Bąkowski - President of Reserved Materials Agency and Executive Board members of Polish Chamber of Liquid Fuels.

During these three days from , representatives from the top companies in Poland, such as Orlen, Shell, Anwim, Ehrle, Petroster, Kärcher, exchanged news and know-how relating to the latest achievements and technology in fuel, petrol stations, carwashes and automobile service centers markets.

Złota Stacja was as usual part of the exhibition. This annual contest for the best petrol station in Poland is always hard to choose a winner. This year the prize was handed to SP Orlen no. 7145 in Mszana Dolna that belongs to UCHACZ ltd.

Traditionally, numerous of conversations and meetings were held on the Chamber booth between experts and the Chamber board members. PIPP is the most influential association of fuel companies in the region and create amicable environment for investments and it foster steady development of the branch.

The 21st International Trade Fair PETROL STATION 2014 was a great success with 100 exhibitors and few thousands visitors in top management positions and roughly 10 000 square meters of floor space. It showed its importance for the branch as vital platform for business contacts and for shaping the image of fuel and related markets. Additionally, were held various events parallel to the exhibition, to name a few:

- Presentation of annual report about Polish liquid fuel market, edition 2013,

- Petrol Stations Owners Meeting,

- Akademia Przedsiębiorcy - workshops and discussion panels for enterpreneuers,

- Polish Fuel Market Forum 2014 - Choosen Issues,

The next PETROL STATION International Trade Fair will be taking place at Expocentre XXI in Warsaw again from 13 to 15 May 2015.